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What do Yoga and Ergonomics have in Common?

standing yoga pose

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The combination of Yoga and Ergonomics, you don't hear very often. If you've any experience with ergonomics at all, you know that a lot has to do with positioning and alignment. If you have any experience with yoga you know it's about the alignment of the poses. Still, you may be wondering what yoga has to do with ergonomics.


Most workers feel they must adapt themselves to their workstations in the office rather than the other way around. Unfortunately, in many cases, people place their monitors too low or, use cables that are too short. place their feet on the legs of the chair, and position their seats too low. People adapt their bodies to the place or equipment around them. In yoga, proper practice ensures that the postures are fully adapted to the person and not the other way around. Our body can feel and behave differently every day, you should never force yourself into a pose or position. As you work and exercise, try to notice the limitations of your body and needs. Customize your setup instead of the other way around, take the time to set it up if you're working in the office, remotely, or at home.


Working in the office can cause tension or physical pain. Sitting at your computer for extended periods can cause neck, back, or shoulder discomfort. People who experience discomfort or pain are less productive and have less job satisfaction. However, if you respect your limitations and are willing to learn from your own body, yoga can be the perfect opportunity to experience less discomfort. Yoga helps straighten your back, reduce tension and open your chest and heart. it's designed to bring balance and health to an individual's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Yoga not only about flexibility, exercise,  impressing others, it's about you and your posture/position.

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How can Fit for Work help?

To learn more about setting up or managing an ergonomics programme that supports staff working from home or in the office or support with staying legally compliant, you can reach out to Fit for Work. For more information on our Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool, contact us.