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safe workplace when working from home

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Keep working from home as much as possible, is WHO's advice. For many employees this would mean that they continue to work from home now the pandemic taking longer than expected. Many people will continue to work at home after the corona crisis. This raises many questions about a safe workplace for both employers and employees.

The offices have changed and most people left the office only with a laptop. For example, not everyone has a good and safe workplace at home. But, who is responsible for a good and safe home workplace? 

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Did you know that it is the employers responsibility to support the safety of employees? Regardless of where the employee is working. Now that working from home is becoming more structural, we would like to advise employers to pay attention to every home situation of the employees.

Healthy and Safe Workplace

By providing a healthy and safe workplace means that the workplace is adapted to the personal characteristics of the employee. This also applies to a safe home workplace. In some cases it concerns an unhealthy or unsafe working place. 


The Fit For Work DSE self-assessment is the solution to help you as an employer and your team. This ergonomic self assessment is an opportunity to be guided through the workstation, even if the employee is working from home or in the office.

How does it work? During the assessment the employee is taken through a step by step evaluation. The same as they would be during in-person evaluation at the office. This provides real time advice and education on setting up the full desk setup as the chair, desk and all other equipment used while working. 

One completed, the assessment will generate an individualized report with adjustments recommended to the user’s workstations throughout the evaluation. The report also includes ergonomics that may improve the posture and their workstation. 

Check out our website to provide you or your employees a safe work environment even when you or they working from home. 

Support for your company 

To learn more about office setup and good ergonomics principles, you can reach out to Fit for Work to talk about how an ergonomic programme within your office can increase productivity, increase staff satisfaction, improve staff retention and reduce sick leave.