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Fit for Work free webinar series

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Our mission is to reduce risk within the workplace, increase productivity and overall comfort, and worker satisfaction. Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge in a *Free Webinar Series* hosting every last Thursday of 2021. The topic of our first webinar will be Ergonomics 101: Working From Home. We will spend 30 minutes talking about ergonomics, working from home, and everything in between. Learn about ergonomics, work happiness, mindfulness, and as well as taking part in our virtual stretch sessions for 5-10 minutes at the end of each webinar for those who want to join!

The first webinar is about ergonomics 101 where you will be trained on the key of ergonomics and show how to properly set up a workstation for optimal health, comfort, and performance.

Ergonomics 101

When it comes to office ergonomics, small adjustments can make a world of a difference. In ergonomics 101 we are going to talk about...

  • Which small changes you can adopt into your working day and your work routine. To start working more healthier with increased productivity.
  • Learn how to set up a Working From Home Office for the long term. Think about a good chair position, proper work height, good lighting, or the use of other equipment.
  • Boost your productivity and achieve more in less time. Think also about daily chores like answering emails, making your bed, or doing dishes.
  • How to get you moving. The fact is, the human body simply wasn't designed to sit for long periods of time. When we sit for long hours our body will be sour and tired at the end of our working day. How to change?


30 minutes of interacting and learning for free! Don't forget to let your friends, colleagues, and employees know too!

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Next Month Webinar

Are you tired of sitting down the whole day? A standing desk is a great way to tackle your work while staying healthy. However, for many, investing in a standing desk is not cheap. Next month's webinar series it's all about how to create a DIY standing desk for your home office.

How can Fit for Work help?

To learn more about setting up or managing an ergonomics programme that supports staff working from home or in the office or support with staying legally compliant, you can reach out to Fit for WorkFor more information on our Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool, contact us.