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Ergonomics Specialists of The Year 2020 & 2021

Fit for Work won Singapore Prestige Awards

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We are delighted to announce that Fit for Work has been recognised as Singapore’s Ergonomics Specialists of the Year 2020 and 2021 by CorporateLiveWire. The judges admire our recently launched ergonomics self-evaluation web-based tool, allowing for a more cost-efficient support base. They are also impressed by our COVID-19 provisions, supplying free educational resources and webinars to support individuals transitioning to work from home and the team's ongoing commitment to improving comfort and job satisfaction.

Thank you!

We want to thank all our partners, consultants, and clients for their continued support. We look forward to working closely with our clients and partners as we understand and overcome the ergonomic challenges of the current and future working environments.

Offices, as we know them, no longer exist. However, it is still the employer's responsibility to support employees no matter where they work. Taking practical measures to ensure the health and safety of the employee at work is one of the most important tasks of the employer. This includes providing and maintaining these individuals in a safe work environment, free from health risks, and adequate facilities and arrangements for their occupational well-being at work. But who is the Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool for and why should you consider it? Read it here on our blog.

Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool

The Fit For Work Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool has been developed to support employees who work from home or in the office, increasing comfort and overall productivity for staff while ensuring compliance with local ergonomics legislation, occupational health, and environment, health, and safety. The tool can be used for employees who work from home, in the office, or often work remotely/travel. It is designed for employees with a designated or non-designated workspace. It can also be used for new starters, as part of the orientation, to ensure correct posture and their workstation is correct and ergonomic posture is understood.

What ergonomic support will be received?

The ergonomic support that will be received will be a tailor-made company-specific ergonomic assessment following a fully automated agreed step-by-step assessment process. This includes access to the ergonomics self-assessment with a fully automatically generated employee evaluation report, an automatic follow-up check-in process, risk management tool, and reporting. If there are ongoing problems, the need for one-to-one assistance can be offered.

How does it work?

During the assessment, the employee is taken through a step-by-step evaluation for around 20/30 minutes. The same as they would be during in-person evaluation at the office. This provides real-time advice and education on setting up the full desk setup as the chair, desk, and all other equipment used while working.

Why consider the Tool?

Different types of workstations can be evaluated and the tool understands the user's needs and provides recommendations directly. The results are available for data analysis that can support your company's wellness programs. This Ergonomics self-assessment and education tool ensure compliance with local legislation, is cost-effective, and shows your employees that you care.

How can Fit for Work help?

For more information about Ergonomics Self Assessment and Education Tool or support to stay legally compliant, reach out to Fit for Work. For more information on our Ergonomics Self-Assessment and Education Tool, contact us.

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