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Create the Perfect Morning Routine when Working From Home

create a good morning routine

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How you wake up affects your mood throughout the day. A morning routine is designed to make you happier and more productive, reduce stress and get you ready for a new day. Get started the right way and experience a positive feeling of being at the top of your to-do list. This perfect morning routine is just a guideline, remember it's important to find out what works for you, there is no one size fit all perfect morning routine.

5 tips to create the perfect morning routine:

1) Set your alarm 

It's tempting to stay in bed until the last minute and sit straight from your bed in front of your computer to start your workday. Although we've been working from home for over a year, it's good to create a routine in the morning that works for you. It sounds boring, but routine is your best friend, try to set an alarm at the same time every day.

2) Avoid going online first thing you wake up

You've heard this many times about leaving your phone out of your bedroom. Since most of us use our phones to set our alarms, this is difficult. However, try to reduce your screen time as you will be working from one device all day. Remember that social media is addictive and only getting more and more. It's easy to open Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook and start scrolling. Before you know it, you've been scrolling for over an hour.

3) Make your bed (mentally)

If you make your bed every morning, you have completed the first task on your to-do list of the day. This will encourage you to do another task during the day. Research has also shown that it can improve your sleep quality. People who make their bed in the morning are 19 percent more likely to get a good night's sleep each night.

3) Exercise in the morning (physically)

Your blood pumps and you make extra endorphins when you exercise. A morning workout will give you a boost to start your day productive and energized. Also, exercising before breakfast can help the body burn fat more effectively compared to an evening workout. You are also more likely to exercise in the morning than after a long day at work.

4) Set your goals for today (mentally)

Setting tasks gives you something to focus on and accomplish for the day. Try not to set more than 3 tasks, this leaves room for other spontaneous tasks that crop up during your workday. Also, 3 tasks are something you can complete in one day and stay realistic. This is increasing productivity and focus.

5) Start your day with something that makes you happy (spiritual) 

Listen to a podcast or start listening to music, enjoy some time to yourself and be in the now. This will help you start your day positive and mindful, there is time to work and time to disconnect from work.

make your day happy

How can Fit for Work help?

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